Former BMW Group Belux President and CEO Eddy Haesendonck is appointed new CEO of Hedin Automotive B.V. and head of Hedin Mobility Group’s Benelux operations, while Henk van der Kwast is promoted to Director Strategy and M&A at Hedin Mobility Group AB.
Mölndal, Sweden and Amsterdam, 12 July 2022

Hedin Mobility Group AB (publ) today announces that Eddy Haesendonck is appointed CEO of Hedin Automotive B.V., succeeding current CEO Henk van der Kwast, who will assume the position Director Strategy and M&A at Hedin Mobility Group AB. Henk van der Kwast will remain member of the board of Hedin Automotive B.V.

In addition to the role as CEO of Hedin Automotive B.V., Eddy Haesendonck will also take on an overall management responsibility for Hedin Mobility Group in the Benelux as head of all Hedin Automotive’s operations in the region.

Hedin Automotive represents 25 car brands in the Benelux and is active in the Netherlands through Hedin Automotive – one of the largest dealer groups in the country with 65 outlets – which was acquired by Hedin Mobility Group in March 2022. In Belgium, Hedin Automotive operates 19 dealerships, representing Mercedes-Benz (cars, trucks and commercial vehicles), Toyota and Lexus. In addition, Hedin Automotive will be the importer and retailer of INEOS in the Benelux, with the INEOS Grenadier 4x4 to be launched later this year. Hedin Automotive employs a total of approximately 2,100 people in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg.

Eddy Haesendonck has had an extensive career in the automotive industry, with 30 years of experience at dealer, importer and headquarter level, whereof 25 years at the BMW Group. The past four years he has led BMW Group Belux as President and CEO.

“We are delighted that Eddy has agreed to join Hedin Mobility Group. Benelux is a key region where we want to further grow our business, and with Eddy’s experience and successful track record we significantly strengthen the chances of success. Together with his team, Eddy has delivered extraordinary results for BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad, bringing BMW market leadership in Belgium with cars and motorcycles”, said Anders Hedin, owner and CEO, Hedin Mobility Group.

“I want to thank Henk van der Kwast for his instrumental contributions in his role as founder and CEO of Hedin Automotive Group, and later Hedin Automotive B.V. Under Henk’s leadership, Hedin Automotive has grown into a market leader in the Dutch automotive retail industry. In his new role focusing on strategy, financing and M&A at Hedin Mobility Group AB, Henk will continue to play an important role to the team which we are very grateful for”, said Anders Hedin.

”I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience in the management board of Hedin Mobility Group. It’s been 29 rewarding years building Hedin Automotive into the modern dealer group we recently sold to Hedin. I leave behind a company with highly motivated and ambitious people ready for the challenges ahead. I am proud to hand over the keys of Hedin Automotive to Eddy Haesendonck”, said Henk van der Kwast, CEO of Hedin Automotive B.V.

“After 25 years at the BMW Group, the time was right for me to start a new chapter of my professional life. The strategy of Hedin Mobility Group, with its plans for the Benelux markets, is in line with my personal view on the way an organization can stay successful in the fast-changing automotive industry. And this does not only relate to the ongoing technological transformation and changing distribution models. We are heading towards an era where a hybrid business model – a seamless link between the digital and physical world – will make the difference in the automotive industry”, stated Eddy Haesendonck.