Hedin Mobility Group consolidates its retail division under the brand name Hedin Automotive

Hedin Mobility Group is one of Europe's largest vehicle retailers. The Group's dealership network spans over 12 countries, comprising more than 330 facilities and representing over 40 vehicle brands. Until now, each country has operated under local brands, but in 2024, all operations will be unified under the common brand name Hedin Automotive.

"We have come a long way since our first car dealership opened in 1985 - today, we are one of the major players in retail within the European automotive market. As we continue to grow, we want to do it together; unified under a common brand, with shared values, a common vision, and a strong focus on what matters most - our customers," says Anders Hedin, CEO of Hedin Mobility Group.

The consolidation means that the companies listed below will change their names and brands to Hedin Automotive:

  • Sweden: Hedin Bil and Bavaria
  • Norway: Bavaria
  • Finland: Bavaria
  • UK: Stephen James
  • Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic: Motor Car Group, Orientik, Hosek Motors, and Autentik
  • Germany: Torpedo Gruppe and KW Autohaus
  • Switzerland: Alpina Group and HP Schmid

Hedin Automotive is already established as a brand in The Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Switzerland, and UK. Operations that have not yet changed name in these markets will be integrated with existing companies under the Hedin Automotive brand. In conjunction with this, the logo for Hedin Automotive will also be updated to reflect the new consolidated operations.

The change will be implemented throughout 2024 with some variations between countries and companies - but with the goal of the change being complete in the beginning of 2025. The Carstore brand will continue to operate alongside Hedin Automotive in all markets as a specialist in used vehicles.