21 March 2023 - Due to a good mix of sun and wind, Hedin Automotive consumes about 65% of their energy at the time it is generated. We call it simultaneity. The simultaneous use of green generated energy is the most sustainable, it is financially attractive and it also ensures that the electricity grid is burdened as little as possible. A win-win-win situation. 

Groendus helps Hedin Automotive (formerly Stern) through its Energy Marketplace with this innovative form of sustainable energy consumption. The puzzle pieces of the sustainability issue, which the parties have been working on together for more than 16 years, are therefore increasingly falling into place.

How it started: insight and savings

Sixteen years ago, sustainability was not as important a theme as it is today. This was therefore not the direct reason for the then Stern to turn to the then CT Energy (predecessor Groendus). The question was: can you put our confusing flows of energy, additional costs and invoices in order? That was possible!

It started with installing smart meters and creating good, real-time insight. Through an accurate invoice check and an advanced waste alarm, the first serious savings were realized. And with that, gradually also the first sustainability steps. This turned out to be the start of a complete and far-reaching sustainability route.

Knowing where your energy comes from

Once Hedin Automotive got a grip on its energy flows, there was an increasing focus on sustainability. They therefore wanted to know where their energy came from. Generating energy yourself with solar panels turned out to be a perfect solution for the car company. To make optimal use of this power, Hedin Automotive uses the Groendus Energy Marketplace. This trading platform allows them to distribute the self-generated solar power over different locations. This makes Hedin Automotive its own, green energy supplier. 

Bastiaan Geurts – Chief Marketing Officer at Hedin Automotive:

"We support the idea of using electricity when it is generated. Generating and simultaneously consuming our own solar energy was already a nice sustainable step in this. But the moment the sun wasn't shining, we didn't have access to local, sustainable power. We wanted to change that! Groendus has an innovative and economically interesting solution for this with its Energy Marketplace. In this way, we are increasingly moving towards a completely green and simultaneous energy consumption."

A good mix of sun and wind

By adding wind energy to the energy mix, Hedin Automotive would get a much more balanced range of renewable energy. Solar and wind are complementary sustainable sources. In summer and during the day there is more sun. In winter and at night there is more wind. Hedin's concurrency score would increase significantly (from 25% to 65%). Through the Energy Marketplace, the search was started for a producer who could enrich the energy profile of Hedin Automotive with good price agreements.

Hedin Automotive found a perfect match in the wind energy of two farmers who decided in 2003 to invest in their own windmill. These two wind turbines, in a vast meadow in Lelystad, supply an additional 2,600 Megawatt hours of sustainable electricity to Hedin every year. This is equivalent to the energy consumption of about 900 households per year.

Farmer's wind

On a vast estate, Jan van Bavel grows potatoes, onions, beets, wheat and chicory. Sustainability is important to Van Bavel. He therefore already grows half of his crops organically. Moreover, his processes run almost on 100% self-generated energy. This is possible because there are 1,300 solar panels on its roofs. And there is also a windmill in his yard.

Jan generates so much energy with this windmill that he has green electricity left over. He trades energy that he cannot use himself via the Energy Marketplace to Hedin Automotive, among others.

Towards 100% simultaneity

The fact that Jan van Bavel's arable farm can run almost entirely on clean, self-generated electricity is quite unique. Hedin Automotive also strives for this. They would therefore like to green the last 35% of their energy consumption that is not yet used simultaneously. Together with Groendus, various subsidy applications are currently being prepared to be able to install solar panels at another 21 locations. The possibilities of battery storage and energy control are being investigated in order to be able to use the self-generated clean energy flexibly.

You Jong Chow – Key Account Manager at Groendus:

"It is good to see that Hedin Automotive and Jan van Bavel have found each other through the Energy Marketplace. A perfect example of the sustainable matches that our platform makes. Jan can sell his green electricity well. And Hedin Automotive is making a major sustainability step with this. I look forward to realizing the next sustainable steps together. On to 100% simultaneity!"